7 Secrets Doctors Wish Patients Knew

About Proper Ear Care

People may overlook their ears and take for granted the ability to hear. It is essential, though, not to wait until an issue arises before giving your ears the attention they deserve.


Maintaining optimal ear health reduce the risk of ear infections and prevent hearing loss. I'll show you everything you need to know to start today…


1. Ear wax can impact your overall well-being

You won't notice it until it is too late and the problems begin leading to various complications.


You may be experience it symptoms. From hearing impairment, dizziness, cough, to discomfort and even infections like tinnitus and otitis that carry a lot of pain


Consequences impact directly on the quality of life, daily activities and relations with family and friends.

2. Minor issues escalate into bigger problems. 

Stop Using Outdated Methods, safety first. 


No more risky cotton swabs, Little Turkey Baster type or extraction hooks with camera! These will give temporary relief but they’ll not solve the real problem.


Not to tell about the risks of damaging the ear canal, pushing the wax deeper or leaving remains that can be dangerous

3. The best long-term solution 

Introducing Ear Flush™

- Guaranteed to clean 100% of the wax in your ears

- Secure: Doesn’t damage the walls or hurt your eardrum with the SafeSpray© technology.

- Fast and convenient: Use it in the shower in less than 30 seconds.

- Ease of use: Fill the water tank, place it in your ear and flushes away all your trapped ear wax

- Long term solution: Don't go back and forth between different methods and leave behind expensive doctor visits

4. Water is a No risk method

The truth is that it seems aggressive to put water in your ear. But in reality it is more pleasant than invasive.


Ear flush is made with a Professional hygienic approach to ear cleaning. The innovative design ensures cleaning without the risk of introducing harmful bacteria.


Developed By Board-Certified ENT It delivers gentle, effective, plus a controlled irrigation system without trapped in the ear.

5. Ways that clean ears improves your Well being

Hygiene Redefined: Elevate your hygiene standards. Clean and healthy.


Healthier Living: Invest in your overall well-being. Prevent infections and discomfort.


Monthly Dimension: Wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day with confidence and comfort.


User-friendly design: Whether you're getting ready for work, hitting the gym, or winding down for the night, it gets your ears clean in less than 1 minute.


Empowered Choices: No longer settle for temporary fixes or risky solutions. Go with long-term solution and peace of mind.

6. More than 10.000 Have Trusted to Flush Earwax Out

Thousands of satisfied users who have made EarFlush their go-to solution for ear care. Don't miss out – see EarFlush availability click to shop on the website!

Sarah M.

Verified Customer

“ If you're like me, you've tried almost every product for earwax cleaning, including others that spray water. This is by far the best. It's hard to believe there's so much garbage in my ears. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the sink. The product washes it off. I highly recommend it. ”

7. 100% Ears Cleanliness Or Your Money Back

Without discomfort and without causing any damage to your ears, today you can try it without risk!


If, against all odds, you are not thrilled with your new Ear Flush, there's no need to worry. It has a 100% money back guarantee, although it is quite certain that it will not be necessary.

The possibility to get rid of 100% of ear wax

in your ear in a comfortable, easy and fast way. 

Remove ALL your ear wax in a healthy way Today.

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Sell-Out risk: High

Enjoy quick and 100% effective cleaning in the comfort of your home. With a hassle-free method. Instant hearing freshness and clarity. 
No more discomfort and hearing issues associated with excess earwax.