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Amebba™ Sweat Pads

Full Day Absorbency

Invisible Design

Comfortable Fit

30-day 100% money-back warranty 


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FLASH OFFER: Bundle and Get a Bigger Discount For Limited Time!

FLASH OFFER: Bundle and Get a Bigger Discount For Limited Time!

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Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Sweat Stains!

You're tired of constantly worrying about embarrassing sweat stains every time you raise your arms?


It's affecting your confidence and holding you back from fully enjoying social gatherings, meetings, or workouts. You're tired of feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable.


Sweat pads are specially designed to provide all day protection against sweat, stains, and odor. Comfortable design, to never have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains again. 

Reclaim your confidence with our revolutionary sweat pads!

We created an Advanced solution with Extra Absorption Technology to solve sweat stains and odor, its called Amebba™ Sweat Pads.


The solution for sweaty armpits without expensive surgery, no ugly antiperspirant shirts, no clinical deodorant that can cause chemical burn, and no need of prescription medicine that can trigger digestive issues, headaches and sleepiness.


This is the final solution:

  • Absorbs sweat effectively, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout 24 hours.
  • Ultra-thin, discreet, and easy to use. Can’t be seen from outside. 
  • Advanced technology cotton designed to be comfortable

No one will notice you have these on

Absorbs 24 hours of sweat and stay sticked to your clothes

Comfortable to place, use and remove.

The most cheap and easy solution for Sweaty armpits for less than a $1 a Day

Boost Confidence: Maintain a Professional and Hygienic Appearance

Used By Over 10,000+ People Every Day

Try It for 30 Days, 100% Risk-Free


Here’s the deal: We believe in this product so much that we don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.


That’s why we are offering a 30-day “Results or Refund” guarantee.


Simply, get a pack of Pads today, try them, and if Amebba Pads doesn’t provide full sweat absorption and comfort we’ll give you a full refund.


In other words, you are only paying if it turns out to be a complete lifesaver.

Use it in 4 simple steps:


Special treatments can be very expensive and other solutions are not comfortable enough.

Try Your Amebba™ Sweat Pads NOW at an All Time Low Price!

x30 Pairs (1 month) Save: $6 USD
x60 Pairs (2 months) Save: $20 USD
x90 Pairs (3 months) Save: $37 USD


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How do I apply the sweat pads?

Simply peel off the backing and stick the pad to the inside of your clothing in the underarm area. Press firmly to ensure it stays in place.

How long do the pads last?

Each pad provides all-day protection. Depending on your level of activity, you might need to replace them after intense exercise or a long day.

Are the sweat pads suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our sweat pads are made from skin-friendly materials designed to be gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Can I wear the pads with any type of clothing?

Absolutely! Our pads are ultra-thin and discreet, making them suitable for any outfit, from professional attire to casual wear.

Are the pads reusable or disposable?

Our pads are designed for single use to ensure maximum hygiene and effectiveness. Simply remove and dispose of them after use.

Will the pads stay in place during physical activity?

Yes, our sweat pads have a strong adhesive that ensures they stay in place, even during intense workouts or busy days.

Do the pads leave any residue on clothing?

No, our pads are designed to adhere securely without leaving any sticky residue on your clothes.

Can men and women both use the pads?

Yes, our sweat pads are designed to be effective for both men and women, providing protection and comfort for everyone.

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